Innovation Elements

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De Noorderwind Strippenkaart geeft startups een vaste basis in hun grillige innovatieproces. Geen startup doorloopt namelijk exact hetzelfde proces, maar het zet vaak wel dezelfde stappen en het maakt vergelijkbare worstelingen door.

Mix and match the innovation-elements that you need

Make a loop, take a turn, the choice is yours. With our Innovation Strippenkaart you are in charge of your innovation proces under the passionate guidance of one of our innovation guides. This way you can be sure to arrive at the desired impact with your venture.

Innovation guide

Your innovation guide, scanning, planning and guiding the entire process and making sure the venture gets what it needs, when it needs it.

Business model design

Ideation and creating focus around the ideas of the value proposition, customer segments and revenue opportunities.

Product development

We help you engineer the products needed to create impact: hardware, apps, services, programmes, curricula, toolkits, events.

Impact measurement

Making your business really sustainable by creating, scaling, measuring and accounting for a positive social and ecological impact.

Visual storytelling

Creating clear and understandable visuals and stories to help you explain your venture and product ideas to different audiences.

Branding & communication

Branding, marketing, events, awareness, communication... in short: getting the message on your mission, product and venture out there.

Growth hacking

We help you implement a strong and proven growth hacking process, whilst focussing on improving your online skills, tools and knowledge.

Funding prepping

Prepping you and your venture for an investors pitch to get the funds you need for the next phase of your business.

Team building

Teaches the right team and invest in creating an environment where trust and fun contribute to a happy and productive workplace.

Organisational support

Making sure the venture works behind the scenes as well. Investing in legals, administration, contracts and partnerships.

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