Building a circular society by investing in people

Haven't you ever had an idea which could change the world for the better? We believe the best ideas for a circular society are already out there. The things missing are knowledge, experience and people to turn them into sustainable business cases. Noorderwind helps you develop those ideas into game changing, revenue-driven (ad)ventures.

What we do

Circular business design

Linear business models will become obsolete! Apart from financial return, we think the ventures of the future also create social and ecological returns. We're passionate about finding the right circular business model for you.

Venture building

You have the idea which could change the world for the better. We are your business savvy partner that can make that really happen. Together we build a team, make a plan, develop the venture and get you your first customers.

Product development

Developing the business model alone isn't enough. We help you build the online and offline products (hardware, software, mvp’s, programs, curricula, toolkits, events) that people love to use to create true impact.

How to go from idea to impact? Travel with us.

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We've created & coached over a hundred ventures

How we do it


We want to invest our hours, energy, knowledge, network, ideas and money into creating a safe, clear and stimulating environment for you to innovate in. This will ask for a tailor made, iterative and lean approach in which we will put people first.


All ventures started with an idea, whether it is big or small. These ideas need to be fostered by people that will clarify the idea, find the best business model for it and validate these with real people as fast as possible.


With our strong, experienced, diverse and flexible network we can deliver whatever your idea or venture needs: a team, a team member, an approach, an idea to work on, a workshop, or a entire program will be based on your needs.

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About Noorderwind

Meet our team

Boukje Vastbinder

Boukje Vastbinder

Circular Business Innovator

Thijs Weenk

Thijs Weenk

Circular Business Designer

Sanne Mylonas

Sanne Mylonas

Social Startup Expert

Eva Verhoef

Eva Verhoef

Toolkit & Graphic Designer

Bjorn van Raaij

Bjørn van Raaij

Strategic Service Designer

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